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Having a dream to share my knitting creations, cooking adventures and caregiving stories with others is now a reality. I bet you know someone right now who is at home taking care of someone they love. A phone call, e-mail, note card or some food would all be appreciated. Sometimes an offer to stand in for that person is a wonderful gift. Think about getting a hair cut, what if there is no time or person to sit with your loved one? What can you do to help someone else, or if you are that caregiver, how can you get people to understand you would like to see them or have their help? Knitting helps me stay calm. Knitting helps my blood pressure stay normal. What helps you? Cooking is an adventure for me. My husband is a dedicated 'clean-up' person. Join us on this part of our life's journey.

Choosing to send out cards is one way I stay in touch with others. I address cards on Sunday and my husband puts them in the mail on Monday. There is always someone who needs a card.

After several months of blogging there is a reality that lots of people really enjoy this activity. Positively delightful people, living life to the best of their ability. There is such fun in hearing from others who have ideas, stories, crafts all to share with those who choose to read. Thank you my new friends in this unknown world/way of communicating.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chocolate Cake

When the one you love ask for Chocolate Cake and there is none in the house, what do you do?  Of course, make a cake.  Well, we made it from scratch using the recipe on the back of a Cocoa Can.  Even made the icing using the recipe from the same can.  Now when was the last time a scratch cake was made in our home?  No idea, but it was so delicious we will use the same recipe again.  As a caregiver, often we want to please in what ever means possible.  Cooking healthy foods is an excellant way to say "I love you" without even saying a word.  All things in moderation, thus the Chocolate Cake with wonderful creamy chocolate icing.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mistake Turn Beautiful

Starting a poncho last Saturday was an exciting adventure for someone who loves to knit.  Having never made a poncho before, it was a day or so before realizing "there is something wrong".  The poncho for my friend's granddaughter had turned into something large and beautiful and NOT a poncho but a beautiful "shawlette".  Little did I know that Karen at http://karenlcase.blogspot.com/2010/02/lucky-me.html  discovered this little article of clothing before me.  She has one for herself and it is totally beautiful.  My little mistake has turned into a lovely gift for my friend's granddaughter.  Thanks Karen for giving it a name.  Mine will be a one of a kind since there is no way to figure how it became a shawlette from a poncho pattern.  Thank You 

Blessing from a Gift

Little Sofia was born weighing in at 8 lbs 6 oz with beautiful eyes and dark hair although her Dad says there is blond underneath the dark.  She is 21 inches long and has the most long fingers needed to play the piano or flute at some point in her life.  Her Mommy and Daddy honored me by allowing her to wear the creation I made for her long before we knew it was a Sofia.  I added the pink flower the morning after she was born.  She is such a peaceful child.  Praise God for this little blessing.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bob exiting Grand Canyon and Doug


No one can believe all the snow we are having.  Now the first few days were great and still beautiful, but these roads need to get cleaned.  Thanks to my fabulous husband, our walk ways are clean and dry, until the next hour when snow cascades down once again.  OH well, he has a challenge. 

It seem I forgot to mention a few people in my President's Day Salute, namely my beloved husband who served in the US Army Reserves for a zillion years and my Canadian son-in-law who also served a zillion years in His Countires' Service and went to some of those countires we are still trying to help understand democracy.  Probably a lot of cousins and uncles out in our world that have been left off, but please know that our thanks is just as profound as if your name was listed right here in this new venture. 
Three pictures:  The guy coming out of the Grand Canyon is my husband.  He spent three days down at the bottom in a tent.  My prayers were with him as the relaxing sun warmed my body in Sedona during that time. 
Doug is our Daughter Amy's adoring husband.  He will be cheering for Canada during the Olympics and so will we except if they end up playing USA in hockey.  The pink lace is actually showing the snow on our covered, screned in porch where snow never come; however, now we have snow up to the sliding glass door into our home.  YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless all Those who Serve to Keep us Safe and Free. 
Enjoy the moment - it is all we are promised.
Jan xoxo

Monday, February 15, 2010

Friend's Contest

If you like contests and give-a-ways, my friend at http://vicki-2bagsfull.blogspot.com/2010/02/getaway-and-new-contest-begins.html has a fun trip planned and she is going to give several items away once she returns.  If you would like to join in the fun, please visit her link and leave her a comment.  Have fun. The following picture is on her blog:
Is this the gift????
I do not think so, but I know it will be lovely and fun to own.

President's Day - Salute and Gratitude to them All

President's have served us with their best intentions. We do not have to agree with them, just give them the respect and gratitude they deserve. My Dad served in the Second World War and returned home safely. My middle brother Sam served in Korea and also returned home safely, but never had quite the same outlook on life and liberty. He was for the moment and the day. Well, come to think of it, so are some of us. Since I did not know my Dad before he left for the Aleutian Islands, he too may have been 'changed' when he returned. My cousin Sam served in VietNam and was forever changed when he returned to his home. My thankfulness is heartfelt for all of these men in my life and the many more who I do not know but respect for their service. One in particular is now serving in Afganistan. His name is Clyde and prayers are always going up for his safety. God Bless Them All.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This little dollie is one of my childhood friends. I made this pouch to put in my etsy shop, but little one is using it as a prop right now. What a happy sight to see her cuddled in the soft pouch.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

One of my favorite places is on the beach. Peace, calm, beautiful waters, that's where my mind goes when I close my eyes for retreat.
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