Welcome to DreamChallenge

Having a dream to share my knitting creations, cooking adventures and caregiving stories with others is now a reality. I bet you know someone right now who is at home taking care of someone they love. A phone call, e-mail, note card or some food would all be appreciated. Sometimes an offer to stand in for that person is a wonderful gift. Think about getting a hair cut, what if there is no time or person to sit with your loved one? What can you do to help someone else, or if you are that caregiver, how can you get people to understand you would like to see them or have their help? Knitting helps me stay calm. Knitting helps my blood pressure stay normal. What helps you? Cooking is an adventure for me. My husband is a dedicated 'clean-up' person. Join us on this part of our life's journey.

Choosing to send out cards is one way I stay in touch with others. I address cards on Sunday and my husband puts them in the mail on Monday. There is always someone who needs a card.

After several months of blogging there is a reality that lots of people really enjoy this activity. Positively delightful people, living life to the best of their ability. There is such fun in hearing from others who have ideas, stories, crafts all to share with those who choose to read. Thank you my new friends in this unknown world/way of communicating.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Testing the ability to post.  Would love to show some of my knitting.  Not able to do so.  Thinking a new blog may be the only answer.

Fighting Cancer with Prayers

Here is my friend's new neck warmer.  My husband and I knew the biopsy was cancer when we did not get a call two minutes after she left the doctor's office.  Instead her daughter called us about three hours later.  We knew not to call because my beloved partner has been in my friend's shoes many times.  It is always better to wait a few hours before running into someones life.  Actually as I write this, maybe just knowing the person is best.  We wanted to run over and cry and hug her, but we knew better.  When I called several hours later in the day to "see if I could bring dinner AND NOT STAY", the answer was "no", "can I have a rain check".  Of course, rain checks are always good, but I really just wanted to hug her.  You see, often our wants have to take a back seat to the person in the battle.  She needed time to digest what had happened that day.  She needed her husband, her kitties and her "old" robe.  Good lesson for us all, remember, it is NOT ALL ABOUT WHAT WE WANT,  it is about the person we love.  Love, listen and respond.