Welcome to DreamChallenge

Having a dream to share my knitting creations, cooking adventures and caregiving stories with others is now a reality. I bet you know someone right now who is at home taking care of someone they love. A phone call, e-mail, note card or some food would all be appreciated. Sometimes an offer to stand in for that person is a wonderful gift. Think about getting a hair cut, what if there is no time or person to sit with your loved one? What can you do to help someone else, or if you are that caregiver, how can you get people to understand you would like to see them or have their help? Knitting helps me stay calm. Knitting helps my blood pressure stay normal. What helps you? Cooking is an adventure for me. My husband is a dedicated 'clean-up' person. Join us on this part of our life's journey.

Choosing to send out cards is one way I stay in touch with others. I address cards on Sunday and my husband puts them in the mail on Monday. There is always someone who needs a card.

After several months of blogging there is a reality that lots of people really enjoy this activity. Positively delightful people, living life to the best of their ability. There is such fun in hearing from others who have ideas, stories, crafts all to share with those who choose to read. Thank you my new friends in this unknown world/way of communicating.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Knit Item for Man or Woman

WOW!!! This blog is actually working for me.  Thanks to my daughter.  YEA.
Here is a lovely scarf that was designed and knitted by me.  It has a loop on the back side incase the person wearing it wants to loop it.  There is also a flower that may be attached for a lady wearing the scarf or removed for a man who thinks flowers are only for the ladies.


Friday, October 5, 2012


Testing the ability to post.  Would love to show some of my knitting.  Not able to do so.  Thinking a new blog may be the only answer.

Fighting Cancer with Prayers

Here is my friend's new neck warmer.  My husband and I knew the biopsy was cancer when we did not get a call two minutes after she left the doctor's office.  Instead her daughter called us about three hours later.  We knew not to call because my beloved partner has been in my friend's shoes many times.  It is always better to wait a few hours before running into someones life.  Actually as I write this, maybe just knowing the person is best.  We wanted to run over and cry and hug her, but we knew better.  When I called several hours later in the day to "see if I could bring dinner AND NOT STAY", the answer was "no", "can I have a rain check".  Of course, rain checks are always good, but I really just wanted to hug her.  You see, often our wants have to take a back seat to the person in the battle.  She needed time to digest what had happened that day.  She needed her husband, her kitties and her "old" robe.  Good lesson for us all, remember, it is NOT ALL ABOUT WHAT WE WANT,  it is about the person we love.  Love, listen and respond. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Here they are cooking.  Everything looks normal right.  Right. 
Yesterday Mom (94 years young) was fine until after nap.  She got up unable to walk or move her feet.  Boy was she MAD.  Her mind was great.  Her speech was right on target.  The only indication of a MINI-STROKE was the fact that she could not stand up and move her feet. 
Of course, those of you who know me, know that healthy food is the answer to much of our problems according to me.  Well after my beloved husband and I got her seated by the Greenbrier Golf Classic on TV, I boiled eggs and made stuffed deviled eggs.  Protein for the body gone funky.  Bob was the look out incase Mom needed anything.  She watched the golf and talked.  Then it was time to get up and go to the table.  NO.  Her body was struggling.  We made a plate of deviled egg and blueberries.  She ate every bite but no improvement. 
We both knew what had happened, but neither of us would say the words, then I texted my nurse friend.  She knew instantly what had happened.  We decided to stay and watch Mom for a few hours.  Each little bit was better than the last.  By the time a couple of hours passed and the golf tournment was over for the day Mom was able to move her feet with help. 
Each person responds differently to body happenings.  Mom responded to nutrients and tender care and lots of prayers.  If she had not we would have been off to the ER.  If her face had dropped or her speech had been slired, we would have gone the minute we discovered the happenings.  That was not her case and today she is once again walking on her own and enjoying the last day of the Greenbrier Golf Tournment.
We thank God for the blessing of life.  Keep us all in your prayers. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

This is a test.  Trying a new browser.  Hope to be back on line with you all VERY soon.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hi Friends, my blog has not cooperated for a month or so.  Hopefully in the next few weeks, I can figure out what is happening and get back to sharing my knitting projects with you.  Happy Spring where ever you are.  Janet

Monday, February 20, 2012

Really the sweater

Well, I have no idea what happened, but here is the totally beautiful little sweater.  The buttons are flowers.

And here is my dollie from when I was a little girls being a model.  She looks adorable in this little knitted and crochet hat.  Come back and hopefully you can see the little one who was blessed with these creations made with love and prayers.

Sweater Project

This adorable sweater was a dual project between the Nona of a little two year old and me.  Nona started this sweater two years ago before the child was born.  Yes, that's right.  It was going to be a gift for the new born.  Well for the child's second birthday, Nona gave me the started project and I had the honor to finish it prior to the party.  I was hoping to have a picture to show all of you, but it's not here yet.  So come back to see how cute she is in her new sweater and hat.  Of course, she needed a hat to go with the sweater.  Right?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Scalp Warmer

The pink yarn keeps coming my way.  I think it is a sign that the breast cancer awareness kitting items are really blessing those who recieve the gifts.  Here is another hat and more of the scarf I started a few days ago.  It blesses me to knit for others.   Would love for you to share with me why you knit.  Just leave me a comment.   

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cancer Fighting Chemo Hat

This little hat is so soft and beautiful.  After finishing the scarf and hat for the friend of a friend, I decided to see how this pattern would work up with some scrap yarn.  It turned out so lovely.  There must be a person who need this hat because I had no intention of making another hat so soon and yet, here it is and the finished project is ready for who ever God has in mind. 
When I came home from work the only thing on my mind was fixing dinner and going to bed.  Well, my friend sent me some carrier yarn and so I just had to start this new project.  My husband is a cancer survivor and when I left for work this morning he was fine.  When I returned home, he has a sore throat and feels not well.  Life is such a mystery.  Some Cancer survivors have immune systems that are very sensitive to germs.  Those of us blessed with excellent health may not have gotten this sore throat.  Of course, my thought process goes like this:  "Now if I had stayed home, he may not be in bed with this sore throat, or If only I had gone to the store instead of him".  Believe me, we can not change what is, we can only deal with what we have now.  Loving him as I do, I know the best thing for me to do is help him rest.  The spare bed will be used tonight.
So after all that explanation, this scarf was going to be started tomorrow, but here it is tonight and as I knit, I pray for the person who will receive this lovely gift and my beloved husband.   This project should take a week because a hat will follow to match the scarf.  The person receiving this gift knitted with prayers lives in another state.  It is a blessing to knit for others.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fighting Cancer with Knitting

This beautiful scarf was made for a friend of a
friend who is in the battle against cancer.  I do not know the recipent, but feel connected to
her through the prayers said during the knitting.  Believe me when I say this woman is a
definite fighter.  This is my first scarf for someone in this battle that someone paid me to
make as a special order in my Etsy shop.  Actually taking money for this project was really
weird.  It seemed like I knew who this person is and in fact, what I know is how she will feel
when she receives this precious gift from her wonderful friend, whom I do not know.  My friend
called and said "I have a project for you".  Well as usual, she was right.  Since I made this beautiful
creation, I have made two more "chemo hats" and have an order for another set for a friend of a friend's friend.  Now I did not know at the time, but soon I was to begin a scarf for one of my best friends in this world.  She was told her battle would begin soon and well, you know she needed a scarf and I needed to make it for her.  She has it and I will post it soon.  Please keep her in your prayers for total healing. 

 Since I am fairly new to blogging, I have no idea why the script comes up looking funny.  Instead of putting off this post, I decided, well, someone needs to see this, so here it is.  The set was totally beautifully.  It is washable and the only request from the person I made it for was that it NOT have fringe, so I made up this little border to put on both ends.  Since finishing this project, I have made two more scarves with similiar borders.  I just love it for people who are taking chemo and radiation and need something to keep their necks warm.  God bless the person who is now wearing these two items made with love and prayers.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Snow Flake Hat

Happy New Year
So many wonderful memories from 2011 and am ready to begin the new year with hope and lots of plans.
Having said that, it was not in my plan to knit for someone who is about to undergo chemotherapy, but a dear friend called and told me about this friend of hers who wanted to give her friend a nice gift.  Well, you know when it comes to comforting those who are going through chemo therapy, we just can not do enough.  Knitting is my joy and so here is the hat finished for this person I have never met but have prayed for her healing and comfort with the knitting.  This is such a simple pattern and yet with the yarns I used it turned out so soft and lovely.  The eyelash fringe was made in Italy.  If you have read my profile, you know Italy is my Dad's home place and holds a special place in my heart.  We have visited, met family and plan a return visit with our grandchildren.  Now back to the hat, I started the scarf but was so excited about the yarns for the hat I finished that first.  The next post will be the wonderful scarf.  It had a soft pink yarn with a white running yarn behind it with the little sparkles found in the yarn in the hat.  Please join me in praying for the soon to be owner of this creation.  I am sure she will feel the love.